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CIDBI - Chakoram

CIDBI Chakoram - Apartment for Sale at Trichur, Chiyyaram

We choose to call our project Chakoram because it is as majestic as the bird. They have a familiar deep resonant call. The Chakoram brings Good Omen just as our Homes are the begining of all that is good in your life. Omen of fortune as pure as the full moon slivers. Set in the midst of nature, yet close to modern life, Chakoram is a place you would love to call your privileged home. It is located in the southern part of Thrissur where many places of worship and plenty of schools have come up. It faces the Chiyyaram road and is in close proximity to Elite hospital. The greenery surrounding the place and the occassionally blowing winds provide an exhilarating feel to your home and being. The locational convenience of our project speaks for itself and will make you feel privileged. Choose a place for the truly privileged. Lap up the luxury of divine living.

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